2015. március 31., kedd

Walldorf presents: Keytones - Mr. Sandman

Let's see a next video from the great Walldorf Rock and Roll weekend!
Today the Keytones from the UK will play for us. The song is the well known Mr. Sandman.

2015. március 30., hétfő

Best 16: Chevromandala - Long Tall Sally

Let's continue our serie about the best 16 bands of Hungary!
Our band for today is Chevromandala Transit Ride. The band is quite new, but as usual, the members have lots of experience.
The main profile of the band is Elvis Presley, but all the standads are played.
The song what you can find below is the Long Tall Sally by Little Richard.

2015. március 27., péntek

Best 16: Flip, Flop & the Flyers - Rumble in Brighton

Flip, Flop & the Flyers is one of the best Hungarian Rock and Roll band from Pécs city. The band just became 5 years old, but the members are very experienced and talented.
Today we can sea and hear the Rumble in Brighton from the band.
The location is the famous Hungarian Rock and Roll festival the Lakeside Weekend.

2015. március 26., csütörtök

The Cruisers - Isn't She Lovely

In the Universal Studios Singapore you can find the copy of Mel's in diner from the movie American Grafity.
They provide shows for the Rock and Roll fans. One of them is the band called the Cruisers.
Today they will sing us the song Isn't She Lovely.

2015. március 25., szerda

Black Frogs - Yes tonight, Josephine

Hungary proudly presents the Black Frogs.
This band is only 2 years old, but the experience is not missing. The band leader is Ricky only 17. He represents the next generation of hungarian Rocka nd Roll and Rockabilly musician.
The other 2 members are much older with several years of experience. Behind the drums you can found Ricky's father, for example.
They got own songs but today we present a cover from the band.

2015. március 24., kedd

Walldorf presents: Ray campi - Cattin' Around

Let's back to the Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend!
For those who don't heard about Ray Campi: he is an old school rockabilly face, who started the business in the 50s.
The visitors of the Walldorf Rock and Roll weekend were lucky, because they can see him on the stage.
The title of the song is Cattin' Around.

2015. március 23., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - Buzz Buzz Buzz

The second band on the best16 list is the Pedrofon.
They mostly play cover version of the best Rock and Roll songs, but they are working on a CD with only their own songs.
Until it's finised let's see the Buzz Buzz Buzz in their interpretation.
The location is the Lakeside Weekend festival, the biggest Rock and Roll festival in Hungary.

2015. március 20., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Woodoo Doll

In the Best 16 serie we present the best 16 Rock and Roll (Rockabilly, Country, Blues, Swing) bands of Hungary.
In the original Napi Rock and Roll blog there is a game called Rock and Roll Championship. Every week performers of the 10 most viewed song gets points and at the end of the year the band who gets the most points will be the champion.
Last year 42 bands participated in the game.
The winner was the famous hungarian Rockabilly group, the Mystery Gang.
Recently the band started to play in hungarian, but all the olds songs was written in english.
One of them is called "Woodo Doll".
The guys played this song last year in Komárom, Hungary on the National American Car Meeting (N.A.A.F.).

2015. március 19., csütörtök

Rock Around with Ollie Vee

The italian Jumpin Bop plays us a Buddy Holly Cover. The song was recorded on their hungarian Tour. The location is the Amigo bar, probably the best rock and roll bar in Budapest.

2015. március 18., szerda

Surfin' Bird

This is the song what the Hungarian rockabilly and garage rock band, the Naked Truckers is playing for us today.
The venue is called Kuplung, one of the world famous ruin pub of Budapest.

2015. március 17., kedd

The first video

This is the title of the famous Johnny Cash song. Now this song will be presented by the danish country group Johnny Horsepower.
It was played in Walldorf, on the world famour Rock and Roll Weekend.
As long as we got enough video you will see a song on every Tuesday from this festival.

Today is the day

Welcome everybody!

This is the day when the Napi Rock and Roll International Edition starts. Why today? Because this day is the 2nd birhtday of the original Napi Rock and Roll Facebook page, and first birthday of the blog version.
What is Napi Rock and Roll? This is a page where you can find a new video every (working) day. The name "Napi" means daily. That's what you can expect from the international version too: a rock and roll (rockabilly, country, swing, blues) video every working day.
The main audience of the original pages are the Hungarians, because most of the bands who appear on the page are Hungarians, and they play several hungarian songs.
But most of their songs are played in english, and I've got videos from several non-hungarian bands too. I think those might be interesting for the international audiance as well.

So let's celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Napi Rock and Roll and let's wait together for the very first video wich is coming at 18:00 CET!

2015. március 16., hétfő


Tomorrow starts the international Edition of the blog Napi Rock and Roll.
On the first week you will hear songs from the following bands:
  • Johnny Horsepower will play a Johnny Cash song for us
  • The Naked Truckers showes us how they play surf
  • The Jumpin Bop plays a Buddy Holley cover
  • The Mystery Gang will play about their Woodoo Doll.
I hope it sounds interesiong.
Don't forget: just one more day. :)