2017. július 31., hétfő

2017. július 28., péntek

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Mercury Blues

In the first seconds of the video Big Fat Csabi, member of Redneck Roadkill gives us some background information about the song Mercury Blues - in Hungarian. He tell us that the song is about a car, called Mercury. But he's wrong, when he states this is "Kind of Cadillac".

2017. július 27., csütörtök

Surfin Zhiguli - Bustin Surfboards

This is surfin' Thursday! We celebrate it (yes, you figured it out well) surf music! The Surfin Zhiguli will help us and play the song Bustin Surfboards. Enjoy!

2017. július 26., szerda

The Prison Band - Blue Moon of Kentucky

It is not common to hear the Prison Band to play the Blue Moon of Kentucky. But they took part in the Elvis' birthday perty, and Elvis related songs were mandatory. :)

2017. július 25., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Redneck Roadkill - I Wanna Be a Hillbilly

The second band was the Redneck Roadkill on the stage of Lakeside Weekend this year. And the first one which was recorded by the Napi Rock and Roll.
Here is the first video from the band: I Wanna Be a Hillbilly.

2017. július 24., hétfő

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Blue Suede Shoes

The members of the Rockin' RockCats are really living the Rock and Roll Lifestyle. I'm pretty sure they got Blue Suede Shoes. So it's valid, when they are singing about it. :)

2017. július 21., péntek

Best 16: Killer Diller Combo - We're gonna rock

The Killer Diller Combo was really popular among the fans. Although the band was young it attracted many people to their concerts. Unfortunately the band will have the last concert on this weekend. Fortunately we got videos about them, just like the We're gonna rock from the EMAT after party, Kuplung, Budapest, 2016.

Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Great Balls of Fire

There is a leftover from yesterday: Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Great Balls of Fire. Enjoy!

2017. július 19., szerda

2017. július 18., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Jam - Baby, Let's Play House

As you probably know, jamming is impoerant part of the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival. This time you can yee a jam video, where the musicians starts paly together among the tents. They play the song Babby, I Wanna Play House With You.
This will be the last video about the 2016 event, because we start with the new videos on the next week. Not all the videos were posted in this serie, but all the remaining part will be presented later.

2017. július 17., hétfő

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - Tainted Love

It you don't know, how a Tainted Love the B'15 Truckabilly Trio and Nitus will show you. They showed it to the audience on the Lakeside Weekend in 2015.

2017. július 14., péntek

Best 16: Pedrofon - Sweet Home Chicago

It's not impossible, but I don't know, whetehr any member of the Pedrofon have ever been in Chicago. But it's not an issue if you are a musician, you can still play the Sweet Home Chicago. :)
The guest guitar player is Ferenc Szász the 2nd.

2017. július 13., csütörtök

2017. július 12., szerda

Sonny and his Wild Cows - Hi-Heel Sneakers

The members of the Sonny and his Wild Cows are experts in the world of Shoes. That's why they can sing about Hi-Heel Sneakers.

2017. július 11., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Casino Black - Your True Love

This is teh last video of the serie "Lakeside 2016". Although we haven't published all the videos created on the event yet, but here are the new ones, and they need attention too. So close the session with the Casino Black and the Your True Love!

2017. július 10., hétfő

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Wild and Animalistic

The Wild and Animalistic was born as an english song by the Mystery Gang. Then later the boys are opened a new era, the era of teh Hungarian songs. Then they created Hungarian lyrics for this song, and it became Dungeltánc.
This video was recorded in 2013, on the NAAF (National American Car Festival), Komárom, Hungary.

2017. július 7., péntek

2017. július 6., csütörtök

ABCD - Touch Too Much

The Hungarian ABCD band trys to give us real AC/DC feeling. If you don't know them check the video Touch Too Much and decide how successful are they.
The video was made in 2016 on the NAAF (National American Car Festival), in Komárom, Hungary.

2017. július 5., szerda

Oklahoma @ 6. Buick Western Weekend

The Hungarian country band called Oklahoma played at the 6th Buick Western Weekend in Henryx Western Village, Császár, Hungary.

2017. július 4., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Tin Cans - Crying Shame

The German band Tin Cans was guest on the Hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival in 2016. They played the song Crying Shame from their setlist.

2017. július 3., hétfő