2018. július 31., kedd

Don Diego Trio feat. Bailey Dee - Whistle Bait

The Don Diego Trio was guest of the Lakeside Weekend some years ago. Now they returned with an own guest. Bailey Dee is coming from the windy city, Chicago. The played together the Whistle Bait by the Collins Kids

2018. július 30., hétfő

The Prison Band - Please Mr. Jailer

The Prison Band added extra members to the gang when they played on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival. They invited a saxophone and a piano player, and Nitus as guest singer. She performed the song Pleas Mr. Jailer from the movie Cry Baby.

2018. július 26., csütörtök

Lennebrothers - Folsom Prison Blues

The Lennebrothers was guest of the lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend this year. They play classics, like Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash among own songs.

2018. július 24., kedd

Pedrofon - Hey! Baby

The band Pedrofon played 4th time this year in the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival. They repertoire is very wide, so they can easily avoid song collision wit songs like Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel.

2018. július 19., csütörtök

Dynamite Dudes - Shake Rattle and Roll

The Dynamite Dudes consist of Mitch Farty and (almost) random musicians. This happened in the Lakeside Weekend this year as well, so this concert was more like a jam session. The band playes the song Shake Rattle and Roll.

2018. július 18., szerda

Boppin' B @ Lakeside Weekend

Dear Boppin' B Fans! What's the title of this song, which was played by the band on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in Hungary in 2018?

2018. július 17., kedd

Redneck Roadkill - I Saw The Light

The Redneck Roadkill was the only country band on the Lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend. But it was not a mistake, they could improve the mood, if it was even possible. They played the Hank Williams song I Saw The Light. It was so good, that even the atheists have sung along. :)

2018. július 16., hétfő

B'15 feat. Nitus - Old Record Machine

The next song from the Lakeside Weekend is performed by the B'15 Truckabilly Trio. The guest singer is Nitus. The song Old Record Machine is originated from her previous band Nitus and the Rollin Dice, this was among the best.

2018. július 9., hétfő

Flip, Flop and the Flyers - Summertime Blues

The 25th Lakeside Weekend just finished yesterday. The first band of the festival was the Flip Flop and the Flyers, who played the Eddie Cochran song Summertime Slues.

2018. július 3., kedd

Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Mean Woman Blues

The Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol is among the bands, who is known outside of Hungary. They got several concerts all across Europe in every year. That's why it's good to see them on the Lakeside Weekend. The band played on the main stage in 2017, they performed the song Mean Woman Blues.

2018. július 2., hétfő

Casino Black - Oh Boy

This week is the week of the famous Hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival. A preparation for the big event you can see videos from the previous years selected by the fans of Napi Rock and Roll on the Hungarian page. Today the Casino Black will present the classic song by Buddy Holly: Oh Boy. Enjoy!