2021. február 25., csütörtök

Nyughatatlan - San Quentin

This is the last video from the N.A.A.F. (International American Car Festival), which was held in 2019 Komárom, Hungary. Due to the Covid situation there was no festival in 2020. Hopefully this year the festival can be organized.

Let's say Goodbye with the San Quentin by the band Nyughatatlan.

2021. február 24., szerda

Peter Andorai & the Graceband - Rip It Up

The summer is gone, but luckily some video was made on the wine festival in Balatongyörök, Hungary about the band Peter Andorai & the Graceband and we can recall the memories. This time they will play the song Rip It Up.

2021. február 16., kedd

Jam - I Got Stripes

 The best thing in the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival is maybe the jamming. This time Cactus, the main organizer of the festival can be found behind the mic as he is singing the song I Got Stripes. After a long a stressful day the result might not be perfect, but for the Lakeside Weekend fanatics it's more than enough.

2021. február 11., csütörtök

Drockstore - My Baby

The song My Baby was made famous by Little Walter. But this time the band Drockstore has played it on the Pick Up Drive Rock and Roll and American car festival in 2020.


2021. február 9., kedd

Ridin' Dudes - You Never Can Tell

Among the last videos about the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival you can see the You Never Can Tell today. Chuck Berry's classic was known for many people form the movie Pulp fiction. Today the Austrian band, the Ridin' Dudes is playing it.

2021. február 4., csütörtök

Nyughatatlan - Cry! Cry! Cry!

The song Cry! Cry! Cry! is well known by Johnny Cash. This time the band Nyugahtatlan is playing it. The recording was made on the N.A.A.F. (International American Car Festival) in Komárom, Hungary, 2020.