2015. szeptember 30., szerda

Tom White and the Mad Circus - Hillbilly Beat

Tom White is a well known member of the Hungarian Rockabilly scene.
For those who don't know his former (Tom White and his Friends) and current (Tom White and the Mad Circus) band, he's took part in a reality show recently.
For today tehy play the song Hillbilly Beat.

2015. szeptember 29., kedd

2015. szeptember 28., hétfő

Best 16: Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - My Baby Left Me

Today the Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol plays us the song My Baby Left Me. The band is well known not only in Hungary, but in many countries of Europe. They are invited to several festivals and clubs all over the continent.

2015. szeptember 25., péntek

Best 16: Hot Road Band - C. C. Rider

The Grizzly Pub in Miskolc could be called as hotspot of Rock and Roll of the city.
You can see Rock and Roll, Rockabilly concerts elswhee, but not as often as in the Grizzly.
The local band, Hot Road Band plays there frequently. Today they perform the song C. C. Rider

2015. szeptember 24., csütörtök

Jungle Tigers - Shakin' All Over

The Jungle Tigers is coming from Germany. They were guest on the Lakeside Weekend in 2013. Their song for today is called Shakin' All Over.

2015. szeptember 23., szerda

The Bits - Lady Madonna

Probably the most popular hungarian Beatles cover band is the Bits. At least recently they are on the stage the most.
Today they will perform for us the song Lady Madonna.

2015. szeptember 22., kedd

2015. szeptember 21., hétfő

Best 16: The Hepcats - No Rockin' Shoes

The Hepcats was among the best 16 Hungarian Rock and Roll band. Their emblematic song is called No Rockin' Shoes. Every serious Rock and Roll band has a song about shoes, haven't they?

2015. szeptember 18., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - Tainted Love

The B'15 Rockabilly Band performs on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival. It's because they are really good or the head of the band is playing in the Prison Band, which is Cactus' band who organize the event. You can decide. :)
Just listen the song Tainted Love and you will see that the first option is true. Guest singer is Nitus from the Nitus and the Rollin' Dice.

2015. szeptember 17., csütörtök

Rhythm Sophie & Combo

The band Rhythm Sophie & Combo is coming from Germany, although the singer, Rhythm Sophie is Hungarian. They was guest on the Lakeside Weekend in 2014.

2015. szeptember 16., szerda

Spanifer Rodeo - Rollin' Dynamite

The Spanifer Rodeo is a new band from Hungary. The band is actually looking for a new singer-leader. Until they are not found the new singer please listen the song Rollin' Dynamite with the old one!

2015. szeptember 15., kedd

2015. szeptember 14., hétfő

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Give me All your Lovin'

Here are a video from the band Redneck Roadkill, who are the part of the group Best 16 - The 16 most popular band on Napi Rock and Roll. They song for today is the country version of Give me All your Lovin'. Enjoy!

2015. szeptember 11., péntek

Best 16: Chevromandala - Such a Night

Probably this was the last performanc of the Chevromandala Transit Ride, at least with this name. Things are changing, so the (more or less the same) band is called Peter Andorai and the Grace Band now.
On the last show of Chevromandala on the famous Lakeside Weekend the song Such a Night was also performed.

2015. szeptember 10., csütörtök

Don Diego Trio - Batman Theme Song

The guest of the true international topic for today: Don Diego Trio from Italy. They played on the famous hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival. They played the Batman Theme Song from Link Wray with great success.

2015. szeptember 9., szerda

Big Kahunas - Walk Don't Run

Although the Surf Music is not so popular in Hungary, like the Rockabilly we can still find some bands, who plays this style.
For example the Mystery Gang, probably the most popular Rockabilly band in Hungary also play some Surf songs, like Walk Don't Run.
Today we will see this songs, but the performer is the Big Kahunas. Their Hawaiian-style name indicates that their main profile is the Surf music.

2015. szeptember 8., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Charlie Thompson - Hello Mary Lou

An Englismen in New York Walldorf.
Charlie Thompson is coming from the cloudy England. He performed the song Hello Mary Lou in 2013, on the Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend.

2015. szeptember 7., hétfő

Best 16: Flip, Flop and the Flyers - Jump Jive An' Wail

Today you can see a video from a band which belongs to the group of best 16 Hungarian Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Country bands regarding the viewers of Napi Rock and Roll Youtube channeol.
This band is called Flip Flop and the Flyers, they are coming from Pécs. The song is the classic Jump Jive An' Wail, which was performed on the famous Hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival. Enjoy!

2015. szeptember 4., péntek

Best 16: Pedrofon - Sweet Little Sixteen

You probably remember fro the Pedrofon. This Hungarian band plays probaly the most in the country. Sometimes they have 3-4 concerts per week.
During this summer they played on every Monday at the Műcsarnok Terasz. This place is at the entrance of the Fine Art Gallery, Budapest. This show atrcet hundreds of tourist from the Heroe's Square. The song from the guys for today is the Sweet Little Sixteen.

2015. szeptember 3., csütörtök

Tarso Miller & Svatá Voda - To My Hometown

Tarso Miller is coming from Brazil. Hi did an European tour, and the band called Svatá Voda supported him from the background. He performed his own song To My Hometown on the Lakeside Weekend festival in Hungary.

2015. szeptember 2., szerda

Sonny And his Wild Cows - How Much More

Today let's take a walk in the world of Rhythm and Blues! Or leader will be the Sonny And his Wild Cows. They represent the style probably the best in Hungary.
They played the song How Much More on the Lakeside Weekend in 2013.

2015. szeptember 1., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Hillbilly Boogieman

The Hillbilly Boogieman was guest on the Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekned in 2013. They style is the country. For me it soundys like early Johnny Cash. Enjoy!

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Wipeout

The Mystery Gang is the most popular Hungarian Rockabilly band if we see the youtube likes. They play the song Wipeout by Surfairs, but with a small extra lyrics. Enjoy!