2017. január 31., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Pianofrizz & Friends - Kansas City

The Pianofrizz & Friends from Austria is playing the song Kansas City on the Lakesdie Wekend Rock and Roll festival in Agárd, Hungary.

2017. január 30., hétfő

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Rip It, Rip it Up

No wonder that the winner of the 2015 Rock and Roll Championship is among the best 16 in 2016 too. This year the Mystery Gang is on the second place, toyay they will perform us the song Rip It, Rip it Up from Veresegyház, Hungary.
The guest played on saxophone called Dörge, a famous Rock and Roll musician.

2017. január 27., péntek

Best 16: Dynamite Dudes - I'm Stuck

Today we start the new season of Bes 16 serie. The winner of the Rock and Roll Championship was the Dynamite Dudes. That's why you can see a new video from the band: I'm Stuck .This is the band' own song, and it was performed in the Körlet Terasz, Budapest.

2017. január 26., csütörtök

Hot Road Band - Johnny B. Goode

Today the Hot Road Rockabilly Band from Miskolc, Hungary will play us a famous song in their way: welcome Mr. Johnny B. Goode! It was recorded on the Vasszamarak bike festival, Hungary in 2015.

2017. január 25., szerda

Pete Gorilla Band - Mystery Train / Blue Moon of Kentucky

Pete Gorilla, the leader of band Pete Gorilla Band speaks some warm words about the guitarist Terry Cartoon, he called him as the best unknown guitar player of the world. Then the band played the songs Mystery Train / Blue Moon of Kentucky on the festival Rock and Roll evolution III, Budapest.

2017. január 24., kedd

Lakeside 2016: B'15 - Twistin' the Night Away

The twist is not regular guest on the pages of Napi Rock and Roll. The B'15 also noticed the gap and performed the song Twistin' the Night Away on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival in 2016.

2017. január 23., hétfő

Best 16: Hepcats - The Real HepCat

The last song from the Best 16 band of 2016. On FRiday you will see a video from the band Who Won the Rock and Roll Competition in 2016, and this way will be part of the actual season Best 16 serie.
But today just watch the video of the HepCats: The Real HepCat. It was recorded in 2010 in the Filter Club, Budapest before the HD video era.

2017. január 20., péntek

Best 16: Flying Times feat. Crazy Cat - Heartbreak Hotel

The video is special, because the band who plays the song Heartbreak Hotel onyl partially Flying Times. The singer is Crazy Cat from the Crazy Cat and the Blue Moons, who invited his double bass player Mr. Johnny Ray as well.

2017. január 19., csütörtök

Forró Rágógumi - Please don't touch

Please don't touch! this is the Forró Rágógumi's advice for you. If you visited the Lakeside Weekend in 2015 you've heard it personally, if not check this video.

2017. január 18., szerda

Fog/Doc Band - Walk All Over You

Today the post is dedicated to hard rock. The Fog/Doc Band will present us the well known AC/DC song Walk All Over You. It was recorded in Monostory fortress, Komárom, on NAAF (National American Car Festival, in 2015).

2017. január 17., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Black Frogs - Rockabilly Baby

This time it's not an issue to determine the style of the next song. The song is Rockabilly Baby by the Black Frogs.

2017. január 16., hétfő

Best 16: Duckers - Ten Ways to Rock

If you always wanted to know how to rock, but you never dare to ask just see the Duckers' video called Ten Ways to Rock. They will give you not one, but tenways! They performed on Lakeside Weekend, Hungary in 2015.

2017. január 13., péntek

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats feat. Pedro - Cast Iron Arm

The Rockin' RockCats plays the very first time in front of an audience the song Cast Iron Arm. Pedro -the leader if band Pedrofon- helps them with his saxophone. The video was recored on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festivál, Hungary in 2015.

2017. január 11., szerda

The Bits - Dizzy Miss Lizzie

The Rock and Roll had a great impact on the Beatles. You can clearly hear it in the song Dizzy Miss Lizzie, which was played by The Bits in Városligeti Sörsátor, Budapest.

2017. január 10., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Killer Diller Combo - Jello Sal

Today you've gor again a special video. It is special, because it was recorded with 2 cameras, and then it was merged. The subject of the experiment was the band Killer Diller Combo and their song Jello Sal on the Lakesdie Weekend festival.

2017. január 9., hétfő

Best 16: Chevromandala - Mean Woman Blues

The show on Lakeside Weekend in 2015 was among the last ones for Chevromandala Transit Ride. The band, which was continuously in change this time has changed its name too (who knows the new name of the band?).  But for the very last time they performed the song Mean Woman Blues.

2017. január 6., péntek

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Tumbleweed

The Redneck Roadkill is a true country band. This time they present us an instrumental song called Tumbleweed. It was played on the Wildcat Ningt, Hatvan in 2015.

2017. január 5., csütörtök

2017. január 3., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Duckers - Rockabilly Guy

Today we return to the Lakeside Weekend. It is still strange to say, but it was in the last year... So in the last year the Duckers just jumped in in the last moment to help out the festival. They performed teh song Rockabilly Guy among others.

2017. január 2., hétfő

Best 16: Naked Truckers - Ginger

The Naked Truckers will present us their song Ginger. They played it in 2015 on EMAT (festival for custom build cars and bikes).