2020. december 29., kedd

Flip, Flop and the Flyers - A Big Hunk o' Love

Elvis was the singer who made the song A Big Hunk o' Love by Aaron Schroeder and Sidney Wyche famous. But this time the band Flip, Flop and the Flyers played it on the 25th Lakeside Weekend in 2018, Agárd, Hungary.

2020. december 25., péntek

Black Fogs - Put Your Cat Clothes On

The band Black Frogs has played the Carl Perkins' classic Put your Cat Clothes On in the Amigo Bar, Budapest on 26/06/2020.


2020. december 24., csütörtök

Merry Christmas for everyone!

The video for today will be a special one. The band Mystery Gang is among the best rockabilly bands of Hungary. They played in November 2006 in the place called Lucky 13 in Budapest. They played the song Sometimes I Feel like a Rockabilly Star there. The video was recorded in 2006, so do not expect HD resolution or stereo sound.


2020. december 23., szerda

Tom White and the Mad Circus - Tennessee Border

Allisson Guimares Santos has lived in Hungary, when this video was recorded in this January in the Amigo Bar. At that time he was member of the Tom White and the Mad Circus. He performed the song Tennessee Border.


2020. december 16., szerda

Rockin' RockCats - Cool Off Baby

The Rockin' RockCats has played on the Vasszamarak ("Iron donkey") motorbike festival in Tápióság, Hungary. The band has played the song Cool Off Baby by Billy "Curley" Barrix among others.


2020. december 10., csütörtök

Peter Andorai & the Graceband - Just a Little Bit

The Peter Andorai & the Graceband has covered a rare song. The "Just a Little Bit" was released on the album Raised on Rock in 1973. The recording was made on the Györöki Borkorzó wine fest in Balatongyörök, Hungary on 19/07/2020.


2020. december 2., szerda

Nyughatatlan - I Got Stripes

I Got Stripes - that's the title of the today's video presented by the band A Nyugahtatlan on the N.A.A.F. (International American Car Festival) in Komárom, Hungary in 2019.


2020. december 1., kedd

Don Diego Trio feat. Bailey Dee - Too Long

 There are not too many videos left about the 25th Lakeside Weekend from 2018. Among the last ones you can find the song Too Long by Don Diego Trio (Italy) featuring Bailey Dee (Chicago).