2017. szeptember 29., péntek

Best 16: Killer Diller Combo - Ghost Train

What do you think, if you hear about a song caleld Ghost Train? For me the Ghost Rider came into my mind. But the Killer Diller Combo play about something different. Check yourself!

2017. szeptember 28., csütörtök

2017. szeptember 27., szerda

Jam @ 22nd Lakeside Weekend

The Jam session is essential part of the Lakeside Weekends. Midnight passed hours ago, sometimes it is not easy to clarify which song is played, just like in this case. :)

2017. szeptember 26., kedd

Lakeside 2017: The Prison Band - L'Italiano

Cactus, the leader of Prison Band is the main organizer of the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival. He founded it as a summer camp for his old band, the Cadillac at that time when every pop band has an own summer camp in Hungary. That was 24 years ago, and all other camps disappeared when the band lost theitr populaity, but this one (now as a festival) survied. Although the name changed, the same Rock and Roll feeling can be felt there. On thing is still common: Cactus nad his band plays. The Prison Band is more than 10 years old now, and this is the band which perfromed the well known Italian song called L'Italiano.

2017. szeptember 25., hétfő

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - All About the Bass

Today again Nitus will help for the B'15 Truckabilly Trio to perfrom songs which needs a female singer. In this case she sung the recent Doo-Wop hit All About the Bass on the Lakeside Weekend.

2017. szeptember 22., péntek

Best 16: Pedrofon - Return to Sender

The Pedrofon performed on Elvis' 81st birthday party in the New Orleans Club, Budapest. They played the song Return to Sender, which is so specific to Elvis.

2017. szeptember 21., csütörtök

Gesarol - C'mon Everybody

The Gesarol mostly plays rock classics (both international and Hungarian), but there are some Rock and Roll standard on hte setlist, like the C'mon Everybody.

2017. szeptember 20., szerda

Nyughatatlan - All Shook Up

Today the Nyughatatlan will play some Rock and Roll. Usually the band plays Johnny Cash songs among their own, but today the All Shook Up is on their setlist. They performed it on N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival), Komárom, Hungary.

2017. szeptember 19., kedd

2017. szeptember 18., hétfő

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Lonely Moon (Bring My Baby Back)

The Lonely Moon (Bring My Baby Back) is among the Mystery Gang's latest records, they just published it on CD. They played it on the Rockabilly Bang festival on the A38 Ship.

2017. szeptember 15., péntek

Best 16: Duckers - Rockabilly Guy

Today the video is coming from the Cadilalc Club Hungary's yearly meeting, the Cadillac Ranch. Usually the Duckers is playing there, this time they will perfrom the song Rockabilly Guy.

2017. szeptember 13., szerda

Nitus and the Rollin' Dice - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

The Nitus and the Rollin' Dice was probably the most innovative Rockabilly band in the last decade in Hungary. Unfortunately the band is not exist any more. But the good news is that we got videos, like the Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, which was recorded on the 20th Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival.

2017. szeptember 12., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Forró Rágógumi - Runaround Sue

If you follow the blog you probably heard about the band Forró Rágógumi. IT means Hot Bubblegum in English, and the band gets its name after the movie. Today they will perform the song Runaround Sue for us.

Best 16: Pedro and the Dogboomers - Long Blonde Hair

Loke majority of the men, the members of the Pedro and the Dogboomers are big fan of Long Blonde Hair. You can find details in the video, which was made on the A38 Ship, on the Rockabilly Bang! festival.

2017. szeptember 8., péntek

Best 16: Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons - Rockin' Rolling Stone

To be honest I've never heard about the band The Renegades. Fortunatle the Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons have, dot hey can play the great song Rockin' Rolling Stone from them.
The video is very interesting, because Johnny, the doublebass player is singing on it.

2017. szeptember 7., csütörtök

Blues B.R.Others Show - I Ain't Got You

A new band made its debut today! The Blues B.R.Others Show makes its first steps on the stage of Napi Rock and Roll with the song I Ain't Got You. They perfromed it on Hévíz Wine Fest this year.

2017. szeptember 6., szerda

Don Diego Trio - The Vamp

The Don Diego Trio perfomed on the Lakeside Weekend in 2015. The Italian trio played the song The Vamp among others.

2017. szeptember 5., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Pedro and the Dogboomers - Mystery Train

Today the Pedro and the Dogboomers will present us a real classic, the Mystery Train from the latest Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival.

2017. szeptember 4., hétfő

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Tumbleweed

The Tumbleweed by the Redneck Roadkill is an instrumental song. It's a fast country song, and you need good giutar skills if you wnat to play it.

2017. szeptember 1., péntek

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Boogie Woogie Country Girl

The Rockin' RockCats gives some comment for the local audience in hungarian about the song Boogie Woogie Country Girl. You can skip it, teh song starts at 0:31. "Big" Joe Turner's song was palyed in the Amigo Bar, Budapest.