2018. június 28., csütörtök

Mystery Gang - Freak Juveline

The song Freak Juveline has been published on the Dig That Rock album of the Mystery Gang in 2003. So in 2006, when the video was recorded it was still fresh. :)
The video is old, so it's not HD, there is no image stabilizer and stereo microphone.

2018. június 26., kedd

Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Jailhouse Rock

The Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service appeared on the Lakeside Weekend in 2017 for the first time. They put some classics to their setlist, like the Jailhouse Rock, which was played originally by Elvis himself.

2018. június 25., hétfő

Rockin' RockCats - Honey Don't

The Rockin' RockCats is really living the Rock and Roll lifestyle. They are big fan of Carl Perkins, probably both can be recognized when they ply the song Honey, Don't.

2018. június 23., szombat

2018. június 20., szerda

Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee

Unfortunetley the Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons don't play any more. So we can't see songs in live perfromance like Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, which was recorded in the amigo Bar.

2018. június 19., kedd

Killer Diller Combo - Give Me One More Shot

Give Me One More Shot. It's an interesting title for a song. Let's see what the Killer Diller Combo is playing about. The video was recorded on the Lakeside Weekend 2016.

2018. június 18., hétfő

Fifty's Heaven - Boppin' The Blues

I love you baby, but I must be rhythm bound. That's the message of Cal Perkins' song Boppin' the Blues, which is presented by the Fifty's Heaven from the Amigo Klub, Budapest.

2018. június 16., szombat

Saturday Night Matinee #2

The King Cat Rhythm is the newest rockabilly band in Hungary. They debut with the song Crazy Dream, the La Rockabella Combo helped the band as singer.

2018. június 14., csütörtök

Peter Andorai & the Graceband - Shake, Rattle and Roll

This time the Shake Rattle and Roll will be presented by the Peter Andorai & the Graceband. They played it in the Elvis' 82nd birthday party in the New Orleans Club, Budapest.

2018. június 12., kedd

Redneck Roadkill - Truck Drivin' Man

Although the Redneck Roadkill is a country band, but they play regularly on the Lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend. It's because the band has a Rockabilly background. Some members played the song Truck Drivin' Man in rockabilly style in their previous band, but now they returned to the original style of it.

2018. június 11., hétfő

Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream

Here is the first video from the concert #Elvis, Wonder of You in Budapest last week. The If I Can Dream was among the last ones.

2018. június 8., péntek

Leslie Night Band - Drivin' My Life Away

The Leslie Night Band is not an ordinary country band. They playing live on teh guitar, and they sing the songs,but the rest of the mosic is coming from a box. I hope you can accept it, and you will enjoy the Eddie Rabbitt song Drivin' My Life Away. The band palyed on the 11th Cadillac Ranch, Lajosmizse, Hungary, on 03/06/2018.

2018. június 7., csütörtök