2016. március 31., csütörtök

Bloodshot Bill

If you don't know Bloodshot Bill you can't imagine how can he play alone as a whole band. But it's true, he does that.

2016. március 30., szerda

Sonny and his Wild Cows feat. Pedro - Number 9 Train

The Sonny and his Wild Cows had a special guest on the Lakeside Weekend in 2015: the leader of the band Pedrofon, Pedro himself. They played together the song Number 9 Train.

2016. március 29., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Cherry Tess and the Domestic Bumblebees

Today Cherry Tess will be the one who present us the atmosphere of bars from the eary 50's.
The Domestic Bumblebees will help her on the stage.

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - I Want You to Want Me

The Cheap Trick's song called I Want You to Want Me will be played today by the B'15. The guest singer is Nitus.

2016. március 25., péntek

2016. március 24., csütörtök

2016. március 23., szerda

Street Rockers

There is nothing to know about the band Street Rockers. They appeared on the Lakeside Weekend in 2013, but then there is no new concert announced.

2016. március 21., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - Non c'è due senza quattro theme

If you know the movies of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill you probably already know the film Non C'é Due Senza Quattro (English title: Double Trouble) from 1984. The main theme of this film is this Samba song. The Hungarian Pedrofon plays this song frequently due to the facts that it is saxophone oriented and very popular.

2016. március 18., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Woodoo Doll

The most popular Rockabilly band in Hungary is the Mystery Gang. They had a "Woodoo and Jungle" era, and the Woodoo Doll is among the best song of this period. Today the band will play the song in the Gozsdu Manó Klub, Budapest.
In the Video Péter Egri, the guitar player demonstrates what has he learned from the Mexican rockabilly players when the band played in the U.S..

2016. március 17., csütörtök

Don Diego Trio - L'uovo Alla Coque

Today the Italian Don Diego Trio will play for us an original Italian Rock and Roll: L'uovo Alla Coque. Enjoy!

Third birthday of Napi Rock and Roll

The world of Napi Rock and Roll is growing in every year, in the first year the Rock and Roll Championship and the Rock and Roll Cup have started, on the second birthday the International Edition of Napi Rock and Roll (this blog) has launched, and there is a surprise for this year as well.
The napirockandroll.hu is in process, the page will offer you more if you need more after the daily videos.
The development is in process, but you can register for news with your email address.

2016. március 16., szerda

AB/CD - If You Want Blood

The AB/CD is probable the best Hungarian AC/DC cover band. Decide it yourself, atch the following video: If You Want Blood.

2016. március 15., kedd

2016. március 14., hétfő

Best 16: The Hepcats - Hip Shakin Mama

The Hepcats is a well known member of Best 16 group. Today they will play a cover called Hip Shakin Mama, partially in English, partially in Hungarian.

2016. március 11., péntek

Best 16: Flying Times - In the Ghetto

LEt me introduce the band Flying Times who are participated on the Elvis' 81st Birthday in Hungary. The boys played the song In the Ghetto. They had special guests as well, two ladies helped them as choir. The location is the beautiful New Orleans Club.

2016. március 10., csütörtök

Jungle Tigers - Peter Gunn Theme

Today the German band, the Jungle Tigers will play for us. The song is the well known Peter Gunn Theme. Enjoy!

2016. március 9., szerda

Roll' Skate Boogie - Big Hunk of Love

Today we can see about a video about the band Roll' Skate Boogie, but in the old setup. The band has completely changed since then, but it's still working.
Their song for today is Big Hunk of Love.

2016. március 8., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Cherry Casino & Dana - The Lady Loves Me

Walldorf is home of the greatest performances. One of them was the song The Lady Loves Me from the movie Viva Las Vegas. Cherry Casino and his partner Dana (Regarding the rumors she was his ex). They were a good couple on the stage for sure. Of course his band the Gamblers was also present and they helped the performance.

2016. március 7., hétfő

Best 16: Duckers - Francine

Today we continue the walk-through of the Hungarian best bands. The Duckers will perform the song Francine for us. They played on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival.

2016. március 4., péntek

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Johnny B. Goode

The Rockin' RockCats is one of the oldest Rockabilly band in Hungary. Even the members were well experienced when they have founded the bend. Although they got thousands (dozens) of very good original songs, the audience expect the mandatory classics, like the Johhny B. Goode.

2016. március 3., csütörtök

Live Guitar Project - Kon Tiki

Let's go surfin'!
Ok, March just started, and probably this is not the perfect time for surfing, at least not on the northen hemishere.
But don't cara about it, let's hear the Live Guitar Project, as they play the classic song Kon Tiki!

2016. március 2., szerda

Walldorf Presents: Ray Campi - Cattin' Around

Ray Campi, the rockabilly legend is still on stage since the 50's. In 2013 he was the guest of Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend. He performed the song Cattin' Around too, among others.