2020. január 28., kedd

Brillantin - Shake, Rattle and Roll

The Bill Haley's Shake, Rattle and Roll was played by the band Brillantin on the 25th Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in 2018.

2020. január 23., csütörtök

Kiss Forever Band - I Love It Loud

The sound engieers had noit the best day during the concert of Kiss Forever Band in N.A.A.F Komárom in 2019. The Band played the song I Love It Loud.

2020. január 22., szerda

Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Kissin' Cousins

The band Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol played on the American Car Meeting in Kunszentmárton in 2019. They played the famous song Kissin' Cousins by Elvis.

Killer Diller Combo - Please Love Me

The band Killer Diller Combo played B.B. King's classic song Please Love Me on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in 2016. Unfortunately the band is disbanded later.

2020. január 17., péntek

Prison Band - You Wanna Be Americano

If you want to know, what the Itaians know about the American lyfestyle you should check the You Wanna Be Americano by the Prison Band. The song was created by Lou Bega. It is a cover version of the Italian song "Tu vuò fà l'americano" by Renato Carosone.

2020. január 14., kedd

Don Diego Trio feat. Bailey Dee - I Ain't Drunk

Bailey Dee from the windy Chicago performed the song I Ain't Drunk together with the Italian Don Diego Trio on the 25th Lakeside Weekend in 2018.

2020. január 10., péntek

Tom White and the Mad Circus - Baby Let's Play House

The band Tom White and the Mad Circus  (a.k.a. Ricky and the Drunken Sailors) commemorated on Elvis' birthday on last Friday in Amigo Bar, Budapest. They played the song Baby Let's Play House. Although the sing was written by Arthur Gunter, Elvis made it famous.

2020. január 8., szerda

Big Bull and his Selfish Band - Moving On

Allisson, the member of the band Tom White and the Mad Circus is starting a solo project (called Big Bull and his Selfish Band). He's got a guitar, standing a drum in front of him and mounting a rattle on his shoe. Furthermore he wrote some songs, like the Movin' On. We wish him lots of success.

2020. január 7., kedd

Ridin' Dudes (Jam) - (You're the) Devil in Disguise

The Austrian band Ridin' Dudes played on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in 2017. On the festival there is a habit: The musicians don't go home/sleep after the concert, but starts to jam among the tents. That was what this band done, when they played Elvis' song Devil in Disguise.

2020. január 2., csütörtök

A Nyughatatlan - San Quentin

The Hungarian band A Nyughatatlan played Johnny Cash's song San Quentin on the N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival) in 2018.