2015. április 30., csütörtök

The McGowns street performance in London

The english nation ruled the seas several hundred years ago, so the wind is the best friend of english people.
Although the wind is NOT the best friend of the cameraman, who tries to take a video about the street performance of the english band McGowns in London.
These three young people showed us at the bank of the Thames what is Rock and Roll.

2015. április 29., szerda

Nyughatatlan - I got Stripes

The Nyughatatlan was the Hungarian title of the famous Johnny Cash film. That1s why this band choosed this as a name.
The band is playing mostly Johnny Cash Songs on the highest level.
They perfomed the song I got Stripes on the Wildcat Night, which is the biggest Rock and Roll festival in the countryside after the Lakeside weekend.

2015. április 28., kedd

Walldorf presents: Go Getters

The Go Getters is a famous swedish Rock and Roll Band, probably you already know their best song, the No Heart to Spare.
This time I present you a song from the Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend.

2015. április 27., hétfő

Best 16: Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Little Queenie

The next band on our best 16 list is the Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service. Probably you can figure out their speciality is Jerry Lee Lewis.
But they play many other songs as well. The backbone of the band is Jerry Lee Bence who is playing on the piano, and he can perfectly reproduce Jerry Lee Lewis' style on the instument.
The song for tuday is called Little Queenie, which was played in the Kuplung club, Budapest.

2015. április 24., péntek

Best16: Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Burning Love

The Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol is probable the best Elvis tribute band in Hungary. THe singer, Ed Philips was a finalist in the First European Elvis contest in Blackpool.
Probably you remember, when I mentioned some weeks ago that most the best Hungarian Rock and Roll and Rockabilly bands are "supergoup". This is true for this band too.
Ed was a solo singer,as we could see him mostly, but the other members were well known fro everybody.
They have a special military style which reminds us Elvis' military years in Germany.
today we'll see a late Elvis song, the Burning Love in the Memphis Patrol style!

2015. április 23., csütörtök

True International: Jumpin' Bop - One More Beer

One more beer? Who can say no for this question? The Italian Jumpin' Bop tells us the story behind.
They take a tour in 2014 in Hungary, and they also visited the famous Hungarian Amigo Rockabilly club as well.

2015. április 22., szerda

Group'n'Swing - Feeling Good

The Group'n'Swing is probably the best swing big band of Hungary.
FRom year to year they participate the co ntest clled "the song" which is entry room for the European Song Contest.
In the following song they perform the song Feeling Good, and you can decide whether they are really good or not.

2015. április 21., kedd

Walldorf presents: Charlie Thompson - Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do

Charlie Thompson is an english Rockabilly player, who is influenced by the early Sun Studion sound.
In 2013 he ws also a guest on the famous Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend, and presented us -among many others- the song Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do.

2015. április 20., hétfő

Best 16: Hot Road Band - Johnny Got a Boom Boom

Hungary is very centralized country.
It's true for the Rock and Roll And Rockabilly life as well.
There are only few bands who are living on the countryside. The Hot Road Band is coming from Miskolc, the former industry capital of Northeast Hungary.
They have very important role to keep the Rockabilly lifestile in the region, because otherwise the local people won't be able to attend these kind of concerts.
All the band members are professional musician, but only Krisztián, the guitar player are playing on his own instuments. The other members are playing classic musing in their private life.
Let's hear the Imelda May song Johnny Got a Boom Boom in their interpretation!

2015. április 17., péntek

Best 16: Takáts Tamás Blues Band - Born to be wild

The Takáts Tamás Blues Band is the best blues band in Hungary.
They recently celebrated their 25th Birthday. This wideo was made 5 years ago (before the age of stereo microphone, image stabilizer and HD resolution) on the 20th birthday.
They show us how the Born to be wild sounds in blues style.

2015. április 16., csütörtök

Jungle Tigers - Peter Gunn Theme

Today our guest is the Jungle Tigers from Rüsselheim, Germany.
They played the Peter Gunn Theme on the Hungarian festival called Lakeside Weekend.

2015. április 15., szerda

Wild Rhythm Smokers - Johnny B. Goode

The Wild Rhythm Smokers was a young band which unfortunately does not working any more.
After 2,5 years the members decided to stop playing together.
So this video can be an important memory for the future :)
The song for today: Johnny B. Goode. Enjoy the show!

2015. április 14., kedd

Walldorf Presents: The Mystery Trio

The Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend can brings us bands who barely had a chance to play in Europe.
Good example is the Mystery Trio, who are coming from Brazil.
Question for today: What is the title of the song?

2015. április 13., hétfő

Best 16: The Hepcats - Burning Jukebox

I could't call the hungarian Hepcats as professional band. For all the band members has another job to make the living. But they are very professional for amateurs.
This band mostly plays own songls. They wrote songs about most of the topics which are popular in rock and roll and rockabilly songs.
They got songs about girls and shoues. In this case let's see a video about an automobile!

2015. április 10., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - I Want You To Want me

The B'15 Rockabilly Band plays a special kid of music. They call it Truckabilly, because the band leader is a former truck driver and this fact has a huge effect on the setlist.
Some special song gets into their Rockabilly World, like the I Want You To Want me wich was performed on the famous Lakeside Weekend.
The guest singer is Nitus from the former Nitus and the Rollin' Dice.

2015. április 9., csütörtök

Rhythm Sophie & Combo - It Hearts Me Too

This is a true international team. The vocalist, Rhythm Sophie is from Hungary, and the band (called "Combo") behind her is from Germany.
That's the reason, why they could drink the mandatory work protection liquid (beer) so fast at the beginning of the video.  :)
The band was guest on the famous Hungarian Lakeside Weekend.

2015. április 8., szerda

Killin' Candy - Second Solution

The Killin' Candy is not a traditional Rock and Roll or Rockabilly band. They rather play psychobilly. They are young, but motivated and talented. :)
For the fans of psychobilly: Second Solution from the famous Hungarian Lakeside Weekend!

2015. április 7., kedd

Cherry Casino and the Gamblers - Return to Sender

Walldorf presents Cherry Casino and the Gamblers.
On 2013 Walldorf Weekend, after cancellation of a live show the band accept to jump in with an Elvis show.
One of the song wich was played in this extra show was the Return to Sender.
Please Welcome Cherry Casino and the Gamblers!

2015. április 6., hétfő

Best 16: Fifty's Heaven - Folsom Prison Blues

Let's celebrate the Easter with the Fifty's Heaven.
This band is part of the best 16 hungarian Rock and Roll, Rockabilly band.
They play Johnny Cash as well, in this case the Folsom Prison Blues.

2015. április 3., péntek

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Westbound and Down

Most of the Hungarian Rock and Roll and Rockabilly band has a history. Only few of them are created by freshmen who hasn't played in other bands before.
If we call Cream as "Supergroup", because the memers had played in successful bands befor they joined to Cream we can call most of the Hungarian bands in this scene as "Supergroup".
For example most of the band members of Redneck Roadkill played together in the Nitus and the Rollin' Dice (See the post from Wednesday) while other members are played together in the Big Fat Chubby & The Swamp Buster.
Now they play country and working on their first CD.
Today I choosed a cover, but they got own english songs as well. Probably next time! :)

2015. április 2., csütörtök

Graham Fenton and the Jungle Tigers - Shakin' All Over

Do you know Graham Fenton? No, not the football player but the rockabilly musician.
Yes, that one. He is the lead vocalist of the English band Matchbox since 1977.
In 2013 he was the foreigner guest of the biggest Hungarian Rock and Roll and Rockabilly festival, the Lakeside Weekend.
The bad behind him is the Jungle Tigers, who had an own concert on the festival.
You will see them here as well.

2015. április 1., szerda

Nitus and the Rollin' Dice - Truck Drivin' Man

If we would like to find the reason why the Nitus and the Rollin' Dice can't be found in the group of Best 16 we shozuld consider that the band is disbanded.
This is really sad, because this ban was among the best Hungarian Rockabilly band.
The members are fortunately continuing in other bands.
The song for tuday is a true country song in rocabilly style.