2015. június 30., kedd

Walldorf presents: Cherry Casino & Dana - The Lady Loves Me

The Cherry Casino and the Gamblers has a beautiful guest today: Dana.
Together they performed the song The Lady Loves Me. The performance was so successful that they have to repeat it. The year is 2013.

2015. június 29., hétfő

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Honey Don't

Today the Rockin' Rockcats returns in the serie "Best 16".
The location is the well-known Amigo Rockabilly Pub, where the band plays the song Honey Don't.

2015. június 26., péntek

Best 16: Prison Band - That's Allright Mama

One of the oldest Hungarian Rockabilly band has returned.
The Prison Band plays a song from Elvis today: That's Allright Mama.

2015. június 25., csütörtök

Bernie Woods & the Forest Fires - Blue Days Black Nights

Let's go back to the sunny land of England!
Bernie Woods & the Forest Fires entertained the audience in the 3RS club near to Reading.
Blue Days Black Nights was played by the band among others.

2015. június 24., szerda

Gesarol - Blue Suede Shoes

Gesarol is a hungarian rock band whi plays cover songs.
Today they will perform the solng called Blue Suede Shoes.
They was guest of the biggest american car fetival of Hungary in Komárom, the Monostori Fortress.

2015. június 23., kedd

2015. június 22., hétfő

Best 16: Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Wild One

The Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service this time plays us the song called Wild One.
If you think the audience is strange I can tell you this phenomenon is usual in Budapest on the weekends.
This is just another British bachelor party. :)

2015. június 19., péntek

Best 16: Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Jailhouse Rock

We have already met with Ed Philips and his band, the Memphis Patrol.
Today they will sing us the Jailhouse Rock by Elvis.
This will be an easy job for them, because Elvis's songs is their main profile.

2015. június 18., csütörtök

The McGowns

What a surprise! The weather was very windy when the McGowns performed in Lonodon, near to the London Eye.
The prtformance was full with energy. This guys need more attention!

2015. június 17., szerda

Miklós Fenyő - Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)

Miklós Fenyő is the Hungarian Rock and Roll. He is like Elvis: there was nobody before him. At least in Hungary.
He performs mainly his own songs, but in this video he sings a cover: Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do) by Hank Williams. Twice.
In between he also sings in Hungarian his most famous song called Csavard fel a Szőnyeget.

2015. június 16., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Ray Campi - Caterpillar

Nowadays it is harder and harder to find somebody who was active during the goldean eera of Rock and Roll.
Ray Campi is one of them, and today he will play us the song called Caterpillar.
He was a guest of Wallrdorf Rock and roll Weekend in 2013.

2015. június 15., hétfő

Hot Road Band - Rock This Town

The Hot Road Band represents the minority of the Hungarian Rockabilly bands who are not Budapest Based.
The hometown of the band is Miskolc, which has struggeld a lot after fall of the communism in 1990.
That's why their mission (making local people happy with power of Rock and Roll) is especially important. The city needs some rock, and the band is ready Rock this Town.

2015. június 12., péntek

Best 16: Takáts Tamás Blues Band - Immigrant song

The Takáts Tamás Blues Band probably the best Hungarian blues band, but not the blues is the only genre what they like.
If they are in the mood they even play Led Zeppelin songs, like the Immigrant Song in the following video.
The location is Rock Randevú, Budapest.

2015. június 11., csütörtök

Mel's Dinettes - Mr. Postman & Rock and Roll Medley

Today we take our luggage and travel to Singapore! There is a fantastic place called Universal Studios.
You can find there the restaurant called Mel's Drive-in from the movie American Graffity.
The group Mel's Dinettes looks like waitress in Mel's Drive-in, but they won't bring you a hamburger. Rather they sing some rock and roll songs for you like Mr Postman.

2015. június 10., szerda

Obergalla Kapelle - Let's Twist Again

Today you've got something really special. In Hungary you can find several people with German or Austrian origin.
Those people try to keep their culture and they have got own folk bands.
One of them is called Obergalla Kapelle. The band plays not only german folk songs, but some twist -if it's needed.
Let's see how can they perform the song Let's Twist Again.

2015. június 9., kedd

Walldorf Presents: Mystery Trio

Today we'll see a video from the brazilian Mystery Trio. They were guest of the Walldorf Rock and Roll Weekend in 2013.

2015. június 8., hétfő

Best 16: The Hepcats - Automobile

The Hepcats is probably the best amateur rockabilly band in Hungary.
Today they will sing us about a new Chevrolet. The title is Automobile.

2015. június 5., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - Truck Drivin' Man

The B'15 Rockabilly Band is one of the most popular bands in Hungary.
Today they will perform us a classic country song called Truck Drivin' Man. Nitus is the guest singer, who discovered this song for the Hungarian fans with her previous band.

2015. június 4., csütörtök

Graham Fenton and the Jungle Tigers feat. Riki - Gunning for the Dog

We all know now Graham Fenton and the Jungle Tigers. But who is Riki who is playing with the band in this video?
Yes, he is Hungarin, he is the guitarist of the band Black Frogs, and he was just 15 as he played together with the Matchbox-vetran musitian.
We were lucky to see this touching moment on the famous hungarian Lakeside Festival.

2015. június 3., szerda

Party Dance Band - I'm Walkin

Nice Try.
Probably that could be the best expression for the song which is coming today.
The Party Dance Band is not belongs to the group of popular Rock and Roll bands. They entertain the guests of a restaurand on the calm Római part, the famous promenade by the Danube.
They play lots of different songs among them you can find the I'm Walkin too.

2015. június 2., kedd

Walldorf presents: Cherry Casino and the Gamblers

We alreafy know Cherry Casino, who was guest on a hungarian Rock and Roll festival in Eger.
The style what he is playing is more Rhythm and blues than Rock and roll but we like it.

2015. június 1., hétfő

Best 16: Fifty's Heaven - Keep A-Knockin

Today the Fifty's Heaven returns for a song. They played Keep A-Knockin on an american car meeting in Lurdy Ház mall, Budapest.