2019. április 30., kedd

Fifty's Heaven - Summertime Blues

The summer is coming in one month, so it's not too early to prepare fro it. The Fifty's Heaven plays the Eddie Cochran's classic Summertime Blues in the Amigo Bar in March 2018.

2019. április 29., hétfő

Madarak Házibulizenekar - Roadhouse Blues

The band Madarak Házibulizenekar plays the song Roadhouse Blues by the Doors on the 17th International American Car festival (a.k.a. N.A.A.F.), Monostori Fortress, Komárom.

2019. április 25., csütörtök

Killer Diller Combo - Jello Sal

The band Killer Diller Combo had great potential. Unfortunately they played together only few years, but luckily videos line the Jello Sal from the Lakeside Weekend 2016 saved their memories.

2019. április 18., csütörtök

Easy Blues - Sharp Dressed Men

The Easy Blues from Slovakia played the famous ZZ Top song Sharp Dressed Men on the 17th National American Car Meeting in Komárom, Hungary in 2018.

2019. április 16., kedd

Redneck Roadkill - Hillybilly Dirt Road

The song Hillbilly Dirt Road was released on the newest album of Redneck Roadkill. Those who pre ordered it are already got it, the others should wait for official release.

2019. április 15., hétfő

AB/CD - It's a Log Way To the Top

Today the band AB/CD  will play the song It's a Log Way To the Top by AC/DC on Becharovka Farsang, Miskolc, Hungary.

2019. április 11., csütörtök

A Nyughatatlan - My Boy Elvis

My Boy Elvis - this is the title of the today's song by the Nyughatatlan. The band played it in 2018 on the N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival) in Komárom, Hungary.
Originally it was performed by the 16 years old Janis Martin in 1956.

2019. április 8., hétfő

Prison Band - I Hate the Disco

The members of the band JOHNNY & THE ROCCOS hate the Disco. So they wrote a song: I Hate the Disco. The members of the Prison Band also hate the disco, so they perform this song. They played it on their final concert in December, int he Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2019. április 4., csütörtök

Mystery Gang - I'm Gonna Home My Baby Tonight

The song I'm Gonna Home My Baby Tonight was published on the Mystery Gang's last album. On this video the band plays it on the N.A.A.F. (Nemzetközi Amerikai Autós Fesztivál) Komárom, Hungary in 2018.

2019. április 3., szerda

Duckers - Rockabilly Boogie

Let's the guest sing! Thought the members of the Duckers in December 2018, when Ati Edge joined for the band as temporary guitar player. Ati plays the song Rockabilly Boogie with his own band, the Shadowbirds as well, so it was easy for them to perform it.

2019. április 2., kedd

B'15 Featuring Nitus - Take me Home, Country Road

Nitus can be seen frequently on the B'15s concert as a guest singer. On this video (which was recorded in 2018 on the Lakeside Weekend) they performed together the country classic Take me Home, Country Road.

2019. április 1., hétfő

Redneck Roadkill - Tumbleweed

Let's start the week with some instrumental country!
The Redneck Roadkill has performed their own song Tumbleweed in Sülysáp, Hungary in 2017.