2021. július 14., szerda

Drockstore - Man of Devil

A new video will arrive!
It was recorded in Romhány, Hungary in 2020, on the Pick Up Drive Rockabilly festival.
The band Drockstore plays their own song Man of Devil, which is the tile of their first album as well.


2021. július 13., kedd

Jam - Summertime Blues

The Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival was not held this year due to the covid situation.
But the biggest fans are gathered in the camping and organized a mini festival.
Officially concerts was not organized, but musicians bring their instruments and played some songs.
In this video Cactus, the main organizer of the Lakeside Weekend sings the song Summertime Blues.


2021. július 8., csütörtök

Klasszikosok a N.A.A.F.-ról #19

A 2013-as N.A.A.F. (Nemzetközi Amerikai Autós Fesztivál) egyik fellépője volt a hatvani Rockin' RockCats . A fiúk előadták egyik dalukat, a Paplak Rock Pub Bop-ot.


2021. július 7., szerda

Peter Andorai & the Graceband - Love Me Tender

Due to the Covid situation few new concert videos are still available. Here is a new one. But it not so new, it was made last year. The band Peter Andorai & the Graceband played the song Love Me Tender in Balatongyörök, Hungary on a wine festival.