2018. január 29., hétfő

Oldies, but goodies

Today an old video will be presented again. The Crazy Cat and the Blue Moons performed the Bluegrass song Blue Moon of Kentucky in Elvis' Rockabilly style.

Warning: It was created before the HD resolution, image stabilizer and stereo microphone!

2018. január 25., csütörtök

Nyughatatlan - Ring of Fire

The main profile of the band Nyughatatlan is Johnny Cash. And probaly the most popular JC song is the Ring of Fire. Although the original author is June Carter. The Hungarian band played the song in Komárom, on the NAAF American car meeting.

2018. január 24., szerda

Pedrofon - Runaround Sue

The Runaround Sue played by the Pedrofon is not a fresh video. It waited from 2011, when it was recorded on the Rockabilly Hayride festival, Budapest.
Warning: It was created before the HD resolution, image stabilizer and stereo microphone!

2018. január 23., kedd

Although the main profile of the page is Rock and Roll and rockabilly...

...sometimes a little bit of country also fits. Today the Redneck Roadkill will play, and perform their instrumental song, the Tumbleweed.
It was recorded in 2015, on the Lakeside Weekend, Agárd, Hungary.

2018. január 22., hétfő

The Flying Times played on an Elvis party...

...called Aloha From Elvis in Budapest, where the bands presented the era of the Hawaii concert. They played the famous song Johnny B. Goode too.

2018. január 19., péntek

Madison - I Ain't Got You

Today a video will be presented from the drawer. The Madison played the song I Ain't Got You in 2012 in the Jam Pub, Budapest.

2018. január 17., szerda

Peter Andorai & the Graceband feat. Nitus - Let's Have a Party

We celebrated recently Elvis' birthday. Today you'll see a video about the least bitrhday party, where Peter Andorai & the Graceband and Nitus perfromed the song Let's Have a Party by Jessie Mae Robinson.

2018. január 16., kedd

Roll' Skate Boogie - Great Balls of Fire

Oh, those sunny and hot summer days! The Roll' Skate Boogie helps us to remember with the song Great Balls of Fire, which was played by the band on the Lakeside Weekend in 2017.

2018. január 15., hétfő

The Stinky Rodders - Nobody's Guy & Let Me Live

The next video from the Rockabilly Bang! festival (which was held on A38 ship, Budapest ) is presented by the The Stinky Rodders. They play the Recalls' song Nobody's Guy & their own song Let Me Live.

2018. január 12., péntek

Sonny and his Wild Cows - All Mixed Up Over You

Let's see some rhythm and blues! In Hungary the biggest name in this topic is the Sonny and his Wild Cows. Today they will present Tampa Red's song, which called All Mixed Up Over You.

2018. január 11., csütörtök

Madarak HBZ - Born To Be Wild

Today we travel back to 2016, when the Madarak Házibulizenekar played the Steppenwolf song Born To Be Wild on the stage of NAAF (National American Car Festival), Komárom.

2018. január 9., kedd

Dynamite Dudes - Big Boobs

Mostly the men will like the song, which was selected for today. The subject of the song presented by the Dynamite Dudes is the women. Especially the "VERY TALENTED" women. The song Big Boobs had a video clip created by Mitch Farty's (leader of DD) previous band, the Naked Truckers. But it was obvious at that time too who's the responsible for this piece.

2018. január 8., hétfő

The today's song can be familiar for many

Because the Mystery Gang made the last video clip about the song Shake it. If you haven't seen it, just check it. This was the last clip with Singer behind the double bass.

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

This year the Flying Times and Nitus will help us to celebrate the event with the song If I Can Dream from the birthday party in 2017. 

2018. január 5., péntek

Duckers - Sell Your Soul

The middle of the winter we remeber for a day from a sunny summer. The Cadillac Club Hungary hold a yearly meeting in the Új Tanyacsárda, Lajosmizse. The Duckers frequently plays on the event, today you'll see the song Sell Your Soul from them (original author: The Heartbeats).

2018. január 4., csütörtök

Gesarol - I Want To Break Free

Last year the band Gesarol cleebrated it's 50th year. They organized a big tour, and they played on the Aranykút fesztivál, Budapest too, where they presented the Queen's classic song I Want To Break Free too.

2018. január 3., szerda

Blues B.R.Others Show - This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof

The band called Blues B.R.Others Show performed the Brian Setzer Orchestra's song This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof on the Hévíz Borünnep.

2018. január 1., hétfő

Nitus and the Rollin' Dice - Night Train To Memphis

Unfortunately the talented Nitus and the Rollin' Dice has disbanded years ago, but they didn't disappeared without an evidence.  For example here is a video about the song Night Train To Memphis by Roy Acuff what the band played in 2011 on the event Rockabilly Hayride.

I would like to wish happy new year again for every readers of the Napi Rock and Roll International Edition blog!

Warning! The video was made before the era of HD resolution image stabilizer and stereo microphones!