2017. május 31., szerda

Silver Shine - Got My Mojo Workin'

The Silver Shine is porbably Hungary's best psychobilly band, but sometimes they turn to classinc song such as the Got My Mojo Workin for inspiration.

2017. május 30., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Jam session - Blue Suede Shoes

There is no doubt: the best and the biggest Rock and Roll festival in Hungary is the Lakeside Weekend. The best tradition is the Jam. The musicians after their official concert starts a Jam session among the tents. This time they polayed the well known song Blue Suede Shoes.

2017. május 29., hétfő

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Betty Page

Probably the best Englis Mystery Gang song is the My Baby Want's To Looks Like Betty Page, or simply Betty Page

2017. május 26., péntek

Best 16: Dynamite Dudes @ Kötlet Terasz

This song which was played in the Kötlet Terasz, Budapest is probably again the Dynamite Dudes' own. If you know the title please let me know!

2017. május 24., szerda

Tarso Miller & Svatá Voda - Playing With Fire

The Brazilian Tarso Miller took part in the Lakeside weekend in 2015. The Czeh band called Svatá Voda helped him from the background. They perforomed the song Playing With Fire.

2017. május 23., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Casino Black - Snatch and Grab It

Snatch and Grab It -this is the Casino Black's advice for today. The whole audinece of the Lakeside Weekend heard it well.

2017. május 22., hétfő

Best 16: Danny Rockabilly and his Clan - Smokestack Lightnin'

The Smokestack Lightnin' was recirded by Howlin' Wolf originally. This time the Danny Rockabilly and his Clan will present it for us from Pezsebő Bár, Budapest.

2017. május 19., péntek

Best 16: Duckers - Lucky Dice

The members of Duckers were so young and innocent in 2012, when the video about the song Lucky Dice were made... ;)

2017. május 18., csütörtök

ZZ Copy - Tush

ZZ Top fans, listen! Today the hungarian cover band, the ZZ Copy will play the song Tush for us. I hope you willl enjoy.

2017. május 17., szerda

Kiss Forever Band - Crazy Crazy Nights

Have you ever kissed somebody on Crazy Crazy Nights? The Kiss Forever Band surely do. They will sing about thir experience today.

2017. május 16., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Tin Cans - We love what we do

The Tin Cans is among the best German Rockabilly band. It's because theri motto is: We love what we do. They even got a song about it.

2017. május 15., hétfő

Best 16: Leonardo Pickup Trio - Blue Suede Shoes

For a new band it is almost mandatory to play the "standards" of the selected music genre. In case of Rock and Roll the song Blue Suede Shoes is among them. Let's see how Leonardo Pickup Trio play it for us.

2017. május 12., péntek

Best 16: P.a.t. Dogboomers - Good Rockin' Tonight

Good Rockin' Tonight that's what the Pedro and the Dogboomers promises for us. Thank you, Dogboomers, thank you! :)
The guys played on teh Rockabilly Bang! festival, organized by the A38 ship, Budapest.

2017. május 11., csütörtök

Madarak HBZ - Wild Thing

Probabyl you already know the song Wild Thing, but don't know the Madarak Házibulizenekar. Then it's the right time! Enjoy!

2017. május 10., szerda

Hepcats - Travellin' Train

Today an early video will be shared from the Hepcats. It is called Travellin' Train. Beware! Terhe is no Full HD, image stabilization and stereo microphone! :)

2017. május 9., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Pedrofon - I'm Walkin'

The fans of Pedrofon know well the special coreography which should be used, when the band playes teh song I'm Walkin' by Fats Domino. If the whole concert tent dances the same it is the greatest fun.

2017. május 8., hétfő

Best 16: Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons - Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight

Buddy Holly fans, please listen! The Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons plays the song Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight in a very authentic way. An the location is (what else could be?) the famous Amigo bar in Budapest. Enjoy!

2017. május 5., péntek

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Truck Drivin' Man

The Redneck Roadkill is a real Hungarian country band, who can perfectly perform the song Truck Drivin' Man. You can easily get into the mood for drivin a 18 wheeler. :)

2017. május 4., csütörtök

Flying Times feat. Nitus - If I Can Dream

As usual, the Elvis Club Hungary organized a birthda party for the King. This year the Flying Times was among the bands who played on the event. Nitus sing some songs with all the bands, in this case the If I Can Dream was played together.

2017. május 3., szerda

Chevromandala - Sway

The Chevromandala Transit Ride (nowadays Peter Andorai and the Gracebend) plays the song Sway in the famous pub Amigo in Budapest.

2017. május 2., kedd

2017. május 1., hétfő

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Rockin' Daddy

On the Labour Day we will celebrate with the hard working Rockin' RockCats from Hatvan, Hungary. The tile of the song will be Rockin' Daddy. Enjoy!