2018. február 27., kedd

Peter Andorai & the Graceband - Blue Moon of Kentucky

The Peter Andorai & the Graceband just had a concert in Amigo Bar, Budapest. They played the song Blue Moon of Kentacky with a guest singer called Big Heartman.

2018. február 22., csütörtök

Mystery Gang - Wipeout

The Mystery Gang has added some Hungarian text to the Surfairs' old song, and they play the Wipeout this way. It was recorded in 2016, on the city festival of Veresegyház, Hungary.

2018. február 20., kedd

Duckers - Movin' on

Probably the best Duckers concert what the audience can see was held in 2015, on the Lakeside Weekend. The band played there the song Movin' on.

2018. február 19., hétfő

The Stinky Rodders - Waitin' In School

The Rock and Roll appeared ad the music of the teenagers in the 50s. That's why the school is a frequent topic in the early songs. Today The Stinky Rodders will play a song with school topic: Waitin' In School.

2018. február 15., csütörtök

Mystery Gang - Shake It!

The Mystery Gang has given us the command: Shake It! Obey! :)
The video was made on the City festival in Veresegyház, Hungary in 2016.

2018. február 14., szerda

Sonny and his Wild Cows - All Night Long

Everybody is waiting for the good wheater. Because if it"'s here places, like KOBUCI are opening. This was the place where the Sonny and his Wild Cows are played in April, 2016. They played the song All Night Long among others.

2018. február 13., kedd

Forró Rágógumi - Rock 'n' Roll Is King

The band called Forró Rágógumi played the famous Electric Light Orchestra song Rock'n'Roll is King on the 24th Lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend.

2018. február 8., csütörtök

Nyughatatlan - I Walk the Line & My Boy Elvis

We got still some videos about the 2016 NAAF (National amreican Car Festival), Hungary. Today the Nyughatatlan will play two songs. The first one is the Johnny Cash classic I Walk the Line the other one is My Boy Elvis.

2018. február 7., szerda

Nitus and the Rollin' Dice - That's What I Love

Today You'll get a video from the Nitus and the Rollin' Dice. They played the song That's What I Love on the Rockabilly Hayride Festival, Budapest in 2011, so before the HD resolution, stereo microphone and image stabilizer.

2018. február 6., kedd

Surfin Zhiguli - Batman Theme Song

There are lots of Batman fans over the world. That can be the reason why the Surfin Zhiguli added the song Batman Theme Song to their repertoire. This time they play it on the Lakeside Weekend in 2016.

2018. február 5., hétfő