2017. augusztus 31., csütörtök

Easy Blues - Johnny B. Goode

Although the Johnny B. Goode is a Rock and Roll hymn, a blues band like the Easy Blues should notkeep it away from their setlist, because the success is guaranteed. In this case the band played the song on the N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival) in Komárom, in 2016.

2017. augusztus 30., szerda

Silver Shine - Mercedes-Benz

Do you want a Mercedes Benz? The Silver Shine so, that's why they keep the song Mercedes-Benz on their setlists. The band played the song on the EMAT after party in Kuplung, Budapest in 2016.

2017. augusztus 29., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Roll' Skate Boogie - Great Balls of Fire

The Roll' Skate Boogie plays on the Lakeside Weekend not the first time. But the band members are changing time to time, so this line-up counts as a new band. See how they play the song Great Balls of Fire!

2017. augusztus 28., hétfő

Best 16: Killer Diller Combo - Jam

The members of the Killer Diller Combo between two songs started to jam on the stage of the Körlet Terasz in Budapest.

2017. augusztus 25., péntek

Best 16: B'15 - Best Looking Girl In Town

The Best Looking Girl In Town is usually part of the setlists of the B'15 Truckabilly Trio. In this case the band plays it in the Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2017. augusztus 24., csütörtök

Pawnshop - My Sweet Love Ain't Around

My Sweet Love Ain't Around. Do you know this feeling? The Pawnshop does, so they will play a song about it. The video was captured in the Lámpás bar, Budapest.

2017. augusztus 23., szerda

2017. augusztus 22., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Rockin' RockCats - Brand New Cadillac

The Rockin' RockCats is a regular band on the Lakeside Weekend. They are playing every second year on the festival. This year they played the song Brand New Cadillac among others.

2017. augusztus 21., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - Always on my Mind

A slow song for Monday from the Pedrofon. The guys played the Always on my Mind on the 81st birthday party of Elvis, in the New Orleans Club, Budapest.

2017. augusztus 18., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Matchbox

This is unusual, that the Mystery Gang plays the Carl Perkins' song called Matchbox. That's why I enjoyed it a lot, when they played it on the A38 ship, on the SóRockabilly Bang! festival.

2017. augusztus 17., csütörtök

Kiss Forever Band - Lick It Up

Are you in the good mood for a little hard rock? If so, the Kiss Forever Band (which is probably the best Kiss cover band) will play the song Lick It Up.

2017. augusztus 16., szerda

Madarak HBZ - Hey! Baby

The performer of our today's song will be the Madarak HBZ (where HBZ stands for home party band). And the song will be the Hey! Baby. Enjoy!

2017. augusztus 15., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Let Yourself Go

The Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol just released a new videoclip about the song Let Yourself Go. They performed the song live in the Lakeside Weekend this year too.

2017. augusztus 14., hétfő

Best 16: Dynamite Dudes - I Got a Woman

The members of the Dynamite Dudes are very happy. The got a very good news, and they want to let everybody know: I Got a Woman. :)

2017. augusztus 11., péntek

Best 16: Duckers - Turning Tide

Today the Duckers will play for us. The title of the song is Turning Tide, the band played it on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in 2015.

2017. augusztus 10., csütörtök

2017. augusztus 9., szerda

Flying Times - I Can't Stop Loving You

I Can't Stop Loving You. This song was perfomred by the Flying Times on the Elvis 81st birthday party in the New Orleans Club, Budapest.

2017. augusztus 8., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Black Frogs - Come Rock With Me

The Black Frogs was officilly not in the program, but somebody should jump in because of sickness. And the whole band was present on the festival (excpet one person), so they took over the main stage, and proesented us the song Come Rock With Me. Unique instument is used in the video: an accordion.

2017. augusztus 7., hétfő

Best 16: Leonardo Pickup Trio - The Wanderer

You can think that the Leonardo Pickup Trio has 3 members, but it's false. The band has 4 members. Check it when you are watching the song The Wanderer.

2017. augusztus 4., péntek

Best 16: Pedro and the Dogboomers - Matchbox

The A38 ship is a famous concert venue in Budapest. If your band is playing here it means something. That's why were the Pedro and the Dogboomers happy, when they could play the song Matchbox (among others) on the first Rockabilly Bang! festival.

2017. augusztus 2., szerda

Naked Truckers in Kuplung - Give me Back my Soul

The title of the Naked Truckers' song (which was recorded in the Kuplung) sounds very serious: Give me Back my Soul. What are they doung with their solus? Figure it in the video. I give you one info: it is related to a woman.

2017. augusztus 1., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service - Jackson

Friday evening the Jerry Lee's Rock and Roll Service was the first band on the stage. Although they are usually playing Jerry Lee Lewis' song, today you will see a Johnny Cash song, namely the Jackson.