2017. október 31., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Redneck Roadkill - Call Me The Breeze

If you don't know Lynyrd Skynyrd you probably know Terrence Hill, and his movie They Call Me Renegade. The song Call Me The Breeze can be familiar from both sources, but today the Redneck Roadkill will play for us from the Lakeside Weekend.

2017. október 30., hétfő

Best 16: Killer Diller Combo - Please Love Me

The world is changing, great bands are coming and going. But as long as we got videos about them we can remember. This is the case withe the Killer Diller Combo too. The band has finished playing in the beginning of the summer. But today we can remember with the B. B. King song Please Love Me.

2017. október 27., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - I Want You To Want Me

The B'15 Truckabilly Trio is a great band, but when Nitus is singing with them they become excellent! This time they will perfrom the song I Want You To Want Me from the Lakeside Weekend 2015.

2017. október 26., csütörtök

Naked Truckers - Hip Shakin' Mama

One thing is sure. If Mitch Farty is playing in a band, for example in the Naked Truckers he will play and sing the song Hip Shakin' Mama. Probably this is his favourite one. Enjoy!

2017. október 25., szerda

Surfin Zhiguli - Tainted Love

If you want to know how the Tainted Love sounds in sur rock style just see the Surfin Zhiguli's video from Club Beshito!

2017. október 24., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Bravó Johnny - Ney Nah Neh Nah

Until this year it was not usual that we hear a Vaya Con Dios song on the Lakeside Weekend. But the Bravó Johnny did it for us, they performed Ney Nah Neh Nah. Enjoy!

2017. október 23., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - No Paricular Place To Go

Some old Pedrofon videots was just recently uploaded. One of them is the No Paricular Place To Go. Warning: the video was recorded before the era of the HD resolution, image stabilization and stereo microphones. :)

2017. október 20., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Boppin on Friday Night

The Mystery Gang tries to recall the memories of theitr teenager era when they visited Ráday Klub on every Friday night. The name of the song is Boppin on Friday Night.

2017. október 19., csütörtök

The Prison Band - Rip It Up

The Prison Band played this year on the Elvis for Hungary concert, the annual Elvis Birthday party. They played the song Rip It Up too.

2017. október 17., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Mitch Farty and the Drunken Sailors

The Mitch Farty and the Drunken Sailors is actually a combo of the Dynamite Dudes and the Tom white and the Mad Circus. They will present us today the song Black Slacks from the Lakesdie Weekend Rock and Roll Festival.

2017. október 13., péntek

Best 16: Pedro and the Dogboomers - Rockabilly Rebel

The Pedro and the Dogboomers is an old band, but in the last two years they get really popular. They performed on the Rockabilly Bang! festival too, where they played the song Rockabilly Rebel.

2017. október 12., csütörtök

Hot Road Band - This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof

The Hot Road Band maintains the best traditions of rockabilly. That's why they put the song of Brian Setzer Orchestra This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof on the setlist. They performed it in the Vasszamarak festival, Tápióság in 2015.

2017. október 11., szerda

SummerJam - Messed Up in Memphis

Today wer are taking a tour in teh world of country. the tour will be led by the SummerJam. Probably it's not the best idea, because last time they just Messed Up in Memphis. :)

2017. október 10., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Jam - I Need Your Love Tonight

I'm sure everybody knows now, that the jamming after official concert is how essential part of the Lakeside Weekend. In the last two years a new spot appeared on the map: the tents of Dóka brothers.
Today the musicians willl play the song I Need Your Love Tonight.

Singer: Zsolt Hermeczi (Fifty's Heaven)
Guitar: Sándor Födő (Pedrofon)
Bass: Attila Czirók
Drums: Tamás Dóka & somebody unknown

2017. október 9., hétfő

Best 16: Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee

Probably you all know now, that the Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons represents the traditional rockabilly style. Today they will perfrom Stick McGhee's song in Johnny Burnette's style the Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee. They perfromed it in Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2017. október 6., péntek

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Blue Moon of Kentucky

The song, wht the Redneck Roadkill will present us is familiar for most uf as as a Rockabilly song. But the Blue Moon of Kentucky has country (exactly bluegrass) roots. So it's perfectly fits to the band's setlist.

2017. október 5., csütörtök

The Bits - Twist and Shout

The Bits had an unplugged concert in a shopping mall in 2015. They perfromed several song in Árkád, the Twist and Shout among them.

2017. október 3., kedd

Lakeside 2017: Ridin' Dudes - Dream Lover

This year the austrian Ridin' Dudes was the band who represents the international Rock and Roll life. They perfromed teh song Dream Lover among others. Enjoy!

2017. október 2., hétfő

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight

The RockCats' facourite Rock and Roll Hereo Rockin' is probably Carl Perkins. But they maintain good relationship with Buddy Holly too. That's why they played the song Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight in the Amigo Bar, Budapest.