2016. december 30., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - Proud Mary

This is the last day of the year, at least for the Napi Rock and Roll. Today a song by the B'15 will be shared. The song Proud Mary was performed together with Nitus in the famous Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2016. december 29., csütörtök

ABCD - Back In Black

Today the hard rock will be on teh stage again. The band ABCD (an AC/DC cover band) will play for us the song Back In Black. It was recorded on NAAF (National American car festival) in Komárom.

2016. december 28., szerda

Live Guitar Project - Guitar Tango

Today the Live Guitar Project brings us some Shadows experience, when they playing the song Guitar Tango. It was played in 2014, on the Buick Club's Western Weekend in Császár, Hungary.

2016. december 27., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Jam session - Baby, Let's Play House

Some days ago you've already heard the song Baby, Let's Play House. Today the song will be played again from the Lakeside Weeked, but from another jam session. Enjoy!

2016. december 26., hétfő

Best 16: Dynamite Dudes - Hip Shakin' Mama

Mitch Farty, the co-founder of the Dynamite Dudes has sung the song Hip Shakin' Mama in several different band, where he played before. Naturally the DD is keeping it on the setlist.

2016. december 23., péntek

Best 16: Nemcsak Berry - We Are The World

One day before Christmas. On this day there is something special scheduled. In the 80's the song We Are The World was very popular. The song was made by several artist for charity purpose. The spirit of the song will match to the spirit of the Christmas. The song was played by the band Nemcsak Berry in the Amigo bar, Budapest.

2016. december 22., csütörtök

Jam session - Let's play House

Today you can see a video about a Jam session, which was done oin 2014 on the Hungarioan Lakeside rock and Roll Weekend. Teh video quality is not the best, because the band played the song Let's play House not on the stage but among the tents.

2016. december 21., szerda

Gesarol - Johnny B. Goode

The main topic of the band Gesarol is classic rock from the 60's and the 70's, but they are also playing Rock and Roll songs like Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. In thsi case they played on the NAAF (American Car Festival), Komárom, in 2015.

2016. december 20., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Casino Black - Oh Boy

Although poor Buddy Holly died in 1959 his spirit could be find on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival. The Casino Black was the band, who summoned him with the song Oh Boy.

2016. december 19., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - Great Balls of Fire

If you have a Rock and Roll band it is mandatory to keep the Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis on the setlist. The Pedrofon knows this fact very well, so they play the song frequently. In this time on The Múzeum Terrace, on the Heroes' Square, Budapest.

2016. december 16., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Gang Up

If you follow the blog you proably know, that the Mystery Gang is the most popular Rockabilly band in Hungary. The band also tried several other styles which ar related to the 50's, but the rockabilly is their favourite. And probably the best rockabilly song in theri setlist is called Gang Up. Thios time it was playes in 2013 on the NAAF (National American Car meeting) in Komárom. Enjoy!

2016. december 15., csütörtök

Casino Black - Highschool Confidental

The Casino Black played the song Highschool Confidental in the center point of Hungarian Rock and Roll culture: the Amigo Club.

2016. december 14., szerda

Nyughatatlan - Daddy Sang Bass

Probably you already know the name of the band Nyughatatlan. IF not, try to open the Nyughatatlan's tag below! Today the son Daddy Sang Bass will be presented from the NAAF (American car meet) Komárom.

2016. december 13., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Tin Cans - Brave Rockin' Heart

The Tin Cans was guest of the Hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll festival this year. The concert was very successful. They played the song Brave Rockin' Heart among others. Enjoy!

2016. december 12., hétfő

Best 16: The Hepcats - Automobile

This is an old version of the The Hepcats' song called Automobile. It was recorded in the Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2016. december 9., péntek

Best 16: Flying Times - Baby What Do You Want Me To Do

Sometimes it's not easy to figure out what the woman want. Many of them think we can read their mind and figre it ourselves. Of course this won't work. In this case it can be useful if we ask: "Baby What Do You Want Me To Do "? Just like the Flying Times is doing it.

2016. december 8., csütörtök

Group'n'Swing - Buona Sera Signorina

It's getting dark here, so it's valid to say to a women that Buona Sera Signorina. The Group'n'Swing is doing that. Or did it in 2013 in the New Orleans Club, Budapest.

2016. december 7., szerda

Wild Rhythm Smokers - Goin' Up the Country

If you are fed up with city life it's the best choice to Goin' Up the Country. The Wild Rhythm Smokers will update you about the details.

2016. december 6., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Surfin Zhiguli - Surf Rider

The summer is over, the sun is gone (at least on the northern hemisphere) so it is good to remember on the summer memories. One of them is the song from Surfin Zhiguli. The song called Surf Rider and it is a very good example of the surf rock.

2016. december 5., hétfő

Best 16: Duckers - Trouble

The Duckers is in a big Trouble. If you want to know the details just check this video, which was made in the Amigo Bar Budapest.

2016. december 2., péntek

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Jitterbop Baby

Probably the wildest band in Hungary is called Rockin' RockCats. They show us their virtus in the song Jitterbop Baby.

2016. december 1., csütörtök

Killin'Candy - Love Potion No. 9

The good old Love Potion No. 9 in psychobilly format by the Killin'Candy from the Amigo Bar, Budapest. :)