2018. október 29., hétfő

Mystery Gang - My Baby Wants to Look Like Betty Page

Let's go back to 2006 to the place Kék Yuk Budapest. Here played the band Mystery Gang their legendary song My Baby Wants To Look Like Betty Page.
Watch out! Low Res video!

2018. október 23., kedd

Boppin' B - I Keep It Simple

The German Boppin' B playet the song Keep It Simple this year in the Hungarian Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival

2018. október 22., hétfő

2018. október 18., csütörtök

Easy Blues - Black Cat Boogie

Although the title of the song is Black Cat Boogie, the style is blues. The Easy Blues from Slovakia performed it in 2018 on the NAAF (National American Car Meeting), Komárom, Hungary.

2018. október 17., szerda

Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons - Just Because

The last video from the Crazy Cat & The Blue Moons is here. The band, which represents the Sun Studio style in Hungary has no concert since September 2017. But here is the last video from the Amigo Bar, Budapest: Just Because.

Duckers - Go cat Go - Please Mama Please

Let's jump back to 2013, and listen, how the Duckers played the song Go Cat Go Please Mama Please on the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival.

2018. október 15., hétfő

2018. október 11., csütörtök

2018. október 9., kedd

2018. október 8., hétfő

2018. október 4., csütörtök

Mystery Gang - Don't Mess Around

The Mystery Gang has a new album. It called Don't Mess Around. This is the title of the following song too, which was performed on the National American Car festival in Komárom, Hungary

2018. október 3., szerda

Mr. Firehand feat Écska Pleszkán - Hallelujah I Love Her So

Écska Pleszkán participated in a so called "talent show" in Hungary few years ago. She haven't won, luckily for us. Because this way we can enjoy her singing the song Hallelujah I Love Her So with Mr. Firehand and his band. Otherwise she could have an exclusive contract ans she should sing boring pop songs.

2018. október 2., kedd

Fifty's Heaven - Crawdad Song

The Fifty's Heaven played an American folk son called Crawdad Song on the 23rd Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in 2016.

2018. október 1., hétfő

Flying Times - Early Morning Rain

The autumn is here, so the song Early Morning Rain will perfectly fit for the season.
It was played by the Flying Times on the event Elvis for Hungary, the Elvis' birthday party in New Orleans Club.