2019. december 27., péntek

Boys from the Cellar - She She Little Sheila

Gene Vincent's She She Little Sheila was played by the band Boys From the Cellar on the 6th American Car Meet on Kunszentmárton, Hungary.

2019. december 25., szerda

Rockin' RockCats - Brand New Cadillac

The image of the Cadillac is not the same nowadays if we compare it with the time when the song Brand New Cadillac was written. It was presented by the band Rockin' RockCats in the Törpe Klub, Jászberény, Hungary.

2019. december 23., hétfő

Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - Bossa Nova Baby

The Band Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol played the song Bossa Nova Baby by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller on the 6th American Car Festival in Kunszentmárton, Hungary in 2019.

2019. december 18., szerda

Prison Band - Please Don't Touch

Just few days ago was the first anniversary of the last concert of the Prison Band. I hope they will return just like the rock bands do.
But for today here is the Please Don't Touch by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates from the Amigo Bar, Budapest.

2019. december 17., kedd

Lennebrothers -Tear It Up

The Lennebrothers Band played the song Tear It Up on the 25th Lakeside Weekend in Komárom, Hungary in 2018.

2019. december 12., csütörtök

A Nyughatatlan - Ring of Fire

Probably the Ring of Fire is the most famous song of Johnny Cash. Everybody knows now, that the author is June Carter, not Johnny. The band Nyughatatlan plays every year in the National American Car Festival in Komárom, Hungary, and this song is always on their setlist. The video was recorded in 2018.

2019. december 10., kedd

Jam - Please Love Me

The jamming is essential part of the Lakeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival in Hungary. In 2016 the band Killer Diller Combo played a song together with Dörge and Pedro on the saxophone. They played the Please Love Me by B.B. King.

2019. december 9., hétfő

Fifty's Heaven - Rip It Up

The Rip It Up by Little Richard won't be a new experience for anybody. This time the Fifty's Heaven is playing it from the Amigo Bar.

2019. december 5., csütörtök

Nyughatatlan - Johnny Cash Medley

At the end of the concert on the N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival) the band Nyughatatlan played a Medley by Johnny  Cash. The singer introduces the band as well.

2019. december 4., szerda

Nemcsak Berry - Whiskey in the Jar

Was the Wednesday hard? Do you think you need a glass of Whiskey? If so, just check the Whiskey in the Jar by the Nemcsak Berry. It's much more than a glass.

2019. december 2., hétfő

Boys from the Cellar - Kellesz nekem and Do Me No Wrong

The blue Monday is turning to gold. Hopefully. The Boys from the Cellar trying to reach it with their double video, including Kellesz nekem (own song) and Do Me No Wrong by Pat Cupp. The band palyed on the American Car Meet in Kunszentárton, September 2019.