2017. március 31., péntek

Best 16: Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons feat. Elvis By Tom - Got My Mojo Working

The Crazy Cat & the Blue Moons was among the best 16 Rockabilly/Rock and Roll bands in the "Championshiop" of the Napi Rock and Roll. Today they will present us a classic song where Elvis By Tom is the singer: Got My Mojo Working. Enjoy!

2017. március 30., csütörtök

Forró Rágógumi - The Twist

The hungarian band Forró Rágógumi (the name is related to the comedy called Lemon Popsicle) present us the No.1. Twist song, The Twist itself from the 2015 Lakesdie Weekend.

2017. március 29., szerda

Fog/Doc Band - Shoot to Thrill

Today the Fog/Doc Band is coming with som AC/DC stuff. With the song Shoot to Thrill from the N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival), Komárom, Hungary to be exact.

2017. március 28., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Duckers - Trip to Rock & Roll

If you are a real Rock and Roll fan you will enjoy a Trip to Rock & Roll with the Duckers. Starting point: The Lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend, Agárd, Hungary.

2017. március 27., hétfő

Best 16: Redneck Roadkill - Westbound and Down

The Redneck Roadkill's implementation of the song Westbound and Down is special, because during the performance a camera was attached to the guitar. During the solos you can see what Chris (the guitar player) is doing and you can observe the movements of the strings.
The video was created in 2015 on the LAkeside Weekend Rock and Roll Festival.

2017. március 24., péntek

Best 16: Rockin' RockCats - Rock House

If you a real Rock and Roll Fan the best place to live is a Rock House. Today the Rockin' RockCats will thell us about it.

2017. március 23., csütörtök

SummerJam - Dancing Boots

If you are happy you can express it with dance. But don't forget your Dancing Boots! Today the SummerJam will remind you for that.

2017. március 22., szerda

The Bits - One After 909

The Bits -as you probably already know it if you follow this blog- is a Hungarian Beatles tribute band. If you would like to know how good are they just check the song One After 909

2017. március 21., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Jam - Please Love Me

The Lakeside Weekend is famous for the jams. This time mostly the Killer Diller Combo members played the song Please Love Me. Additionally Pedro and Dörge have taken part in the performance.

2017. március 20., hétfő

Best 16: Killer Diller Combo - Hot Shot

The Killer Diller Combo (as probably you already know) is not an old band. But when you hear the song Hot Shot you won't be disapopointed. The song was recorded in 2016 on the EMAT after party in the Kuplung, Budapest.

2017. március 17., péntek

Best 16: B'15 feat. Nitus - Tainted Love

The Tainted Love is very poular song nowadays among the Hungarian Rock and Roll bands. Today the B'15 will present it tu us wiht Nitus who will be the guest singer.

2017. március 16., csütörtök

2017. március 15., szerda

ABCD - Shoot To Thrill

Today the hard rock is on the stage. THe band ABCD is dedicated for AC/DC songs. They played the Shoot To Thrill in 2016, on th N.A.A.F. (National American Car Festival) in Komárom, Hungary.

2017. március 14., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Casino Black - You Can't Hurry Love

The today's song by the Casino Black is not a typical rocka nd roll - rockabilly son. But the band can easily play the You Can't Hurry Love in this style.

2017. március 13., hétfő

Best 16: Pedrofon - Sea Cruise

If you want to go on a Sea Cruise the Pedrofon will be your tourist guide. They make a sea crouise possible even in the middle of Budapest.

2017. március 10., péntek

Best 16: Mystery Gang - Jumpin Around

The Jumpin Around by the Mystery Gang is one of the band's rockabilly song from early times. They performed it in Veresegyház, Hungary, on the day of the city.
Extra long version!

2017. március 9., csütörtök

Oklahoma - The World

Today the Oklahoma country band will present us the song The World from 2015. The event was the Buick Western Weekend on Császár, Hungary.

2017. március 8., szerda

Various artists - Viva Las Vegas

The musicians who performed on the Elvis' 81st birthday party in New Orleans Club, Budapest plays together the famous song Viva Las Vegas.

2017. március 7., kedd

Lakeside 2016: Tin Cans - Honey Don't You Know

Today the Tin Cans will present us a song from the Lakeside Rock and Roll Weekend 2016. The title is Honey Don't You Know. Enjoy!

2017. március 6., hétfő

2017. március 3., péntek

Best 16: Danny Rockabilly and his Clan - Honey Don't

This video from Danny Rockabilly and his Clan is not the newest. The Honey Don't was recorded in 2012, and the band has changed a lot since then.

2017. március 2., csütörtök

Gesarol - Blue Suede Shoes

This video was made about the band Gesarol as they play the song Blue Suede Shoes on the NAAF (Narional American Car Festival) in Komárom, Hungary in teh year 2015.

2017. március 1., szerda

Casino Black - What's a Woman

The Casino Black was the guest on the stage of the famous Amigo Rock and Roll club in Budapest. They perfromet the well known Vaya con Dios song What's a Woman.